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Makeup Tips and Tricks for Natural Beauty

Beauty has different standards for everyone. Each individual sets beauty bars based on their respective imagination and interests. This is the sole reason why beauty has such versatility.  Makeup has always been a personal statement. 

Though some set rules for applying makeup, individuals still manage to pull off their distinctive makeover. Standards of makeup are changing with changing periods, and people are adapting to these changes and improving their style.

Clean Face

Makeup can be best applied on a bare and clean face. A successful makeup look can be pulled off after proper cleansing and exfoliating your face. There must not be any gap between applying makeup and cleaning your face, hence protecting your face from absorbing dirt particles. 

Washing your face with warm water is best for proper cleansing of the face and gives you a clear canvas for your creative makeup looks.   

Less is more

Makeup is a technique that enhances your features. Instead, it is not meant to change your outlook, make your features prominent, and accentuate your beauty. The more makeup you apply, you cover all your imperfections and hence hide your natural beauty. 

Lesser makeup always wins the game, as it adds to your beauty. Instead of focusing on coverage, it is better to do a more radiant makeup look. Luminous foundations and primers help you achieve a bright and dewy look. 


A makeup must look natural and blended. A smooth skin compared to textured skin looks much attractive. Brushes, as well as blenders, can do blending. It depends on personal choices, whether they like brush or blender for evenly spreading their foundations. 

A blender is easy to handle, and it also removes excess product giving you light coverage; however, a brush helps reach the product in corner areas of the face giving a seamless finish. Both blender and brushes give a neat look, but the key to good makeup look is blending foundation or the eyeshades properly.

Eyes before Face 

Eye makeup leaves powder shadow on cheeks or under the eyes, which makes the foundation look untidy. It looks all messy and avoids such a messy look, and there’s a simple key. Just do your eyes before your face. It’s a mess-free sequence and leaves you with no worries for a powder fallout.

 If you prep your lids with a primer and then apply your eyeshades, it will give you a smoother eye look. Since an eye look determines your makeup look, you must give your best to your eyes.

Do your Brows

People often neglect to make eyebrows, not realizing that it is the most crucial factor in completing a makeup look. Shaping brows is easy for some, but some find this task very tricky. Brushing off your brows and then using a brow pencil, you shape it according to of respective brow shape. 

Then you finish off your brow by filling it through small hair-like strokes. Blending the brow properly and applying a highlighter below your brow bone to lift your brows and lift your eyes. 

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