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Guide To Choosing What Colour Makeup Best Matches Your Skin Tone

Do you love makeup? Do you want your makeup to look perfect? Are you not getting it right? Wonder where you’re going wrong? Many thoughts like these come to us while applying makeup. 

Choosing the right makeup can be confusing. We need to be especially careful while matching it with our skin tone. What might work for you might not work for somebody else.

To get the perfect look, the colour of our makeup needs to match our skin tone. To get it right, you need to know the undertones. This article will equip you with all you need to know about getting the perfect makeup look exclusively for your skin tone.

Colour Theory To Follow For Your Makeup

While you think the complexion would affect the colours you choose, it is not valid. Your makeup colour should get along with your undertones. 

The colour theory explains this and says that a person’s undertones or hues are usually categorized into three: warm, neutral, and cold.

The undertones are the colours usually present under the surface of your skin. You can determine the hues by checking the colour of your veins in most cases. Let’s look at them one by one.

Warm Hue Colours

If your veins appear green, you can conclude that you have a warm undertone. Whether it’s some blush you want to apply or its foundation, doing so according to the hue will add more depth and a natural look to your face.

The colours most suitable for people having warm undertones are gold, yellow, and peachy shades. Thus, the foundation and blush added in these colours enhance your whole natural look.

Other than that, these people look good with earthy eyeshadows highlighted with coral-coloured blush and dark-coloured lip shades.

Neutral Hue Colours

This undertone occurs when the veins show both blue and green colours or when one cannot determine their colour. People with neutral hue can use all shades of makeup. 

Since the neutral hues are in the middle of both warm and cold, all shades of colours can be used.

The neutral undertone person can mix both colours since they contain both warm and cold hues within them. Hence, these people can choose neon colours or match them according to the eyes and hair.

Cold Hue Colours

The people having their veins in the colour of blue are regarded as having cold hues. The chilly undertones usually have a calm tone to them. 

Light shades look perfect on these people. They can use red and pink with blue hues for the bluish tint. Wearing blue-based eyeshadows can naturally enhance you. 

These people look best wearing light-coloured lipsticks in shades of pink, purple, and red. Adding blushes in the pale shades is also recommended.

Summing Up

Knowing how the different colours enhance or dampen your features is essential while putting on makeup. Finding the right shade can change your whole look easily. So, putting on makeup consciously and seeing which colours match your skin tones are crucial.

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