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Five Essential Beauty Hacks

We’ve all been there. You’re about to go out, and you notice your lips are looking a little dry, your eyeliner is smudged, and you have a beauty emergency! The great news is that there are five hacks you can use on the spot to not look like a hot mess!

Cleanse and moisturize

Your skin has a lot of jobs to do – it’s your body’s first line of defence, it protects your insides from germs and environmental elements, and it lets you express your unique sense of self. But what do you know about what happens when you cleanse and moisturize?

Cleansing and moisturizing are two of the most essential skincare essentials that you can do every day. When cleansing your face, depending on how much makeup you have on and your skin type, it is recommended to wash 2-3 times a day. When it comes to moisturizing, this is probably the most essential process as it keeps your skin feeling smooth and looking healthy. Some people only clean their faces once a day, but that doesn’t mean they can get away with these other steps being skipped. If you have dry or aging skin you should be doing both once a day or two times daily.

Get rid of blackheads

Over time, people can develop blackheads on the face, and it is one of the most unattractive symptoms that people want to get rid of. Blackheads are tiny pores that turn black from oxidized oils in the skin. These are more common in people who suffer from acne or have oily skin. They are due to clogged pores with excess debris on the surface of their skin.

One of the several methods to get rid of blackheads is to apply a spot treatment, which can be purchased at Lumen Beaute and get a medicated face wash or cleanser specially designed to target acne. The main ingredient in these face washes or cleansers is benzoyl peroxide. It breaks down into little oxygen bubbles in your pores, killing the bacteria that grow inside blackheads. Because acne is caused by a build-up of dead skin cells, it’s also important to exfoliate your skin daily so you can remove the skin build up on top of your pores.

Coconut Oil

Hair is one of the most significant concerns of women. Hair dye, ironing or curling damages the hair. Before washing your hair, massage the scalp with coconut oil and do its magic for about 3 min. Nutrients from this oil will support hair and make it healthier and shinier.

Mascara used as eyeliner 

You get to work, and you realize that you are out of eyeliner. No need to worry. If you have mascara, you can fix the issue! If you have an eyeliner brush, add a little mascara and apply it above the eyelashes.

Perfect Lips

Sensuous lips include a distinctly defined upper lip. You can achieve this with the use of a lip pencil. If you want some correction, apply some powder or corrector on your lips, and then draw a line to correct it. This doesn’t have to differ much from your natural lip line.

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