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Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

If someone suffers from dry skin, getting the perfect makeup can be a bit of a challenge. I say this because people with dry skin may suffer from acne or other specific issues. On top of that, applying makeup on top of it can be frustrating. But we don’t have to worry about this because […]

Five Essential Beauty Hacks

We’ve all been there. You’re about to go out, and you notice your lips are looking a little dry, your eyeliner is smudged, and you have a beauty emergency! The great news is that there are five hacks you can use on the spot to not look like a hot mess! Cleanse and moisturize Your […]

What lipstick suits my skin tone?

One of the most common mistakes that beginner makeup wearers make is choosing a lipstick colour wrong for their skin tone. Generally, you’ll want to pick colours that are either the same colour as your skin tone or a shade darker when it comes to lip colour. Find the right lipstick formula for you When […]

What Products To Incorporate In Your Skin Care Routine For Glowing Skin

Don’t we all wish for soft, bouncy, and glowing skin? Achieving fresh and glowing skin on all days can be a bit tricky. Our skin can quickly lose its glow due to exposure to various dust particles, toxins, and other environmental factors.  Hence, we need to take proper care of our skin. Do you struggle […]

Guide To Choosing What Colour Makeup Best Matches Your Skin Tone

Do you love makeup? Do you want your makeup to look perfect? Are you not getting it right? Wonder where you’re going wrong? Many thoughts like these come to us while applying makeup.  Choosing the right makeup can be confusing. We need to be especially careful while matching it with our skin tone. What might […]

4 Tips on applying makeup for older skin

Pay attention to wrinkles When applying makeup, it is important to remember that wrinkles can be a big problem. Your beauty routine is incomplete until you consider the type of foundation or moisturiser you are using. The right makeup for your skin type can do wonders, so don’t forget to purchase an anti-wrinkle cream that […]

Makeup Tips and Tricks for Natural Beauty

Beauty has different standards for everyone. Each individual sets beauty bars based on their respective imagination and interests. This is the sole reason why beauty has such versatility.  Makeup has always been a personal statement.  Though some set rules for applying makeup, individuals still manage to pull off their distinctive makeover. Standards of makeup are […]

8 Common Makeup Mistakes And How To Rectify Them

In this Whisky world where everything seems so perfect that you need to stand out with complete confidence. For such a purpose, makeup plays an important role that bolsters self-confidence. It highlights the bright and best facial features that make you look younger and add grace to the personality.  Despite such an outcome, sometimes it […]

5 Skincare Products to Use in 2021 for Dry Skin

Are you worried about your dry skin? Looking for some skincare products that would provide a solution to the itching dry skin of yours? Getting the best skincare product is always a difficult task because of the wide variety of items on the market. Don’t worry, as we focus on providing you an idea of […]