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8 Common Makeup Mistakes And How To Rectify Them

In this Whisky world where everything seems so perfect that you need to stand out with complete confidence. For such a purpose, makeup plays an important role that bolsters self-confidence. It highlights the bright and best facial features that make you look younger and add grace to the personality. 

Despite such an outcome, sometimes it leaves marks on your skin or can ruin your look. There are specific measures that need to be done while applying lots and lots of makeup. Some of them are discussed in this article that will help you in rectifying them. 

Applying too much foundation

If you are a working woman and you are wearing makeup every day as a go-to look for your office routine. Too much foundation could make you look older, and it will lead you to premature aging. But to prevent that, try to get a suitable and dermatologically tested foundation cream that will make you look younger with a subtle outlook. 

Applying heavy mascara on your Lashes

Applying mascara in hassle could end up damaging your eyelashes. When you swipe the brush across your lashes from the wrong direction, or the double or triple coating will suck up their healthy texture. Your lashes start falling hair by hair. To rectify these hazardous attempts, get yourself renowned and dermatologically tested mascara that will make your eyes bigger and comes with a moisturizer. 

Moisturization of Skin

With that much glam and show-off, we often forget to take care of our skin. It also needs to be moisturized and cleaned correctly. For that purpose, you need to give yourself a break from that hectic routine and get yourself a facial massage along with cleansing. By doing this, your skin will glow even more, and the excessive makeup that causes acne, later on, will be adequately cleaned. 

Matte lipstick on Dry lips

One of the most common mistakes among makeup lovers is that they sometimes apply matte lipsticks on their lips to exfoliate your lips, leaving them dry and dehydrated. To avoid this, apply a moisturizer or Vaseline on your lips for a smooth and healthy look.

Way much Contouring

Too much Contouring looks very lame as it becomes so apparent. There is a variety of contour shades out in the market. Always apply a tester on your skin beforehand to get the right shade that contrasts with your skin to enhance your beauty 10x more. 

Not applying Bronzer Properly

For the perfect tan look, Bronzer gets in the action. But if not blend properly, your skin would end up more orange than the natural tan look. To rectify this mistake, you need to get a cream bronzer that will blend perfectly with your makeup to give you a perfectly natural look. 

Stretching edges around the eye

Sometimes, you try to stretch out the edge to get an even pointy liner to get the perfect winged eyeliner. Doing so will leave wrinkles around your eye. The skin starts to loosen up, and it will ruin your face. To get it right, take a post-it and paste it along the edge where you want your liner’s pointy edge to get it straight. 

Using a finger to apply foundation

By using the finger to apply makeup, will end up giving you a weird cakey outlook. This will make you look like a plastic doll with so much makeup on your face. To avoid such an experience, get yourself a good foundation blending brush. They are much easier to navigate the cream across your face and replenish smoothly, giving you a neat touch. 

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